About Maya Demishkevich

It’s amazing to look back and see how different life experiences led me to where I am today. The experiences shaped me as a person and helped me tap into abilities I never knew I had. I am a marketing practitioner, scholar, and business owner. But of course, I started out somewhat differently.

I grew up in Russia in a family of engineers, which piqued my interest in technology. Performing as a professional gymnast taught me self-discipline. My self-reliance grew when I flew halfway around the world at age 16 to live in a foreign country for the year.

I later studied at Rochester Institute of Technology for my MBA. Taking an Internet Marketing class with Dr. Neil Hair (thank you, Neil!) prompted me to add a marketing specialization to my coursework and discover my passion for all things digital.

I worked at a web agency, helping clients with online marketing from paid search, SEO, display advertising, social, analytics, user experience, and design. I spent over five year in education marketing, conceiving and executing strategic marketing plans and multi-channel marketing programs targeted at generating leads, increasing brand awareness, and driving revenue.

I am a scholar practitioner: I apply what I learn and rely on academic research and best practices that I can implement in my businesses to help others.

I live with my son, Theodore and husband, Alexander. I really enjoy sports, healthy lifestyle, cooking, and traveling.

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My Vitals


Location: Baltimore


Current fitness challenge: P90X


Sign: Gemini 


Personality type: ISFJ


Pronunciation of my last name: [de-MI-shke-vich]

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