The Buzz About the Bee

Why is there a bee in my logo?

Glad you asked

The honeybee is one very important insect. It represents the foundation of many creatures' food supply. Of course, they create delicious honey, a sweet staple to the diet of ancient people that's still enjoyed today. But bees do far more than make the sticky stuff. They pollinate about 80 percent of flowering plant life, according to the USDA. Though tiny, beesgenerate many foods beyond produce, including dairy and meat, since they pollinate many plants eaten bygrazing animals.

In a similar sense, marketing influences commerce substantially. Companies can't survive without it. While walk-by traffic or purposeful searching may drum up some sales, marketing widely increases a company's visibility and, subsequently, its sales.

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The Bee and Me

As a marketing and communication expert, I identify myself with the bee because of its vital role and its perseverance. In the space of 30 minutes, a bee can visit around 50 blossoms. But it takes about two million such visits to make a pound of honey, according to the National Honey Board. Owing to their tiny size, they can carry only minute amounts of pollen at a time. To overcome this obstacle, they stay "busy as a bee" and get the job done.

Like a bee pollinating, I draw upon seemingly unrelated elements to provide a product and service that significantly affects others. Like the bee, I accomplish vast goals through working efficiently to meet them.

The worker bee's main focus is gathering nectar. With a bee's perseverance and focus, I work hard to maximize my clients' impact and promote their brand.

The bee holds personal significance to me because "Bee" was my childhood nickname, adapted from the "Maya the Bee" cartoon. Through my business, I live up to the many superlative qualities of the bee.

Bee Teamwork

Bees don't do it alone. As intelligent creatures, bees communicate and coordinate with others in the hive for the betterment of the whole colony and beyond. I also work well with others. I enjoy collaborating with my clients as needed so I can help their projects meettheir objectives. I enjoy sharing with others the wisdom I have collected through my education and experience.

My Bee's Coloring

I used slate blue in my logo because darker colors are associated with knowledge, power, elegance, professionalism and mystery. I like to convey to my clients that marketing can give them an advantage and define their brand with a sense of authority. Yet, darker colors also hint at that sense of the unknown, that elusive element that compels potential clients to learn more about the company.

Blue symbolizes trust, dependability and consistency, which I deliver with interaction and with every completed project.

The color yellow reminds one of sunshine, joy, happiness, and energy. Effective marketing transforms everyday customers into brand evangelists. Like busy bees themselves, customers should embrace your brand and message so much that they eagerly share it with others.

The bee's characteristic, striped pattern help it stand out from other insects, just as the service I provide my clients distinguishes me from others.

I count it my responsibility to make my client's message more than distinctive, but unique as they are. I want their brand marketing to effectively convey how they deliver a product or service that's different from all others.