Collection of Personal Branding Quotes

Here is a collection of my quotes related to personal branding and online reputation management.

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How to Use LinkedIn for Academic Branding

Learn how to use LinkedIn to position yourself for new opportunities. Take these 10 easy steps to update your LinkedIn profile.

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4 Steps for Successful Research Dissemination Online

Learn the steps you can take to turn a potentially long and dry study into an engaging story and deliver it to a wider audience on different publishing platforms.

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Academic Branding Advice That Can Change Your Life

If you are thinking about branding yourself, the best advice I can give you is START TODAY. Don’t make it your new year’s resolution, don’t wait until Monday, and don’t make excuses.

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Reasons Why You Need to Know How to Leverage Your Faculty to Get Publicity for Your University

Is faculty part of your marketing and PR strategy? If not, is it something important enough to start thinking about it?

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