Collection of Personal Branding Quotes

August 5, 2015 - 1 minute read

Here is a collection of my quotes related to personal branding and online reputation management. Feel free to use any of these quotes for your business or personal purposes, as long as you cite my name and title as “Maya Demishkevich, Founder of” with a link back to this website.


  1. “Googling yourself is not vain. It is the necessary tactic for managing your personal identity.” – Maya Demishkevich, Founder


  2. “Building and promoting your personal brand as an investment in your future. A strong brand can bring high returns, while a poor online presence can hurt your chances of reaching your goals.” – Maya Demishkevich, Founder


  3. “Assume that everything you do online leaves a permanent digital trail.” – Maya Demishkevich, Founder

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