Non-profit? For-profit? Start-up? Large? Small? Relax: I've done it all. From initial concepts o final execution, I take the entire branding and marketing process into my own hands.

I've always been passionate about education, including - and especially - in my business. I enjoy educating clients during consultations. I want to teach them what they can do to further their businesses.

I have experience applying what I studied, and in many different capacities. I have been on both sides of the teacher's lectern. Teaching college-level classes helped me understand the marketing challenges of academia. I helped found two companies, gaining a keener understanding of entrepreneurship. I have also developed and executed multi-channel marketing programs for organizations of all sizes and types.


What Sets Maya Apart

Lots of business professionals can help you market your business. I help my clients build a following. It all starts with developing the company's brand: who they are and how they stand out from other brands. Next, I raise awareness for the brand through marketing on the Internet and through traditional means. Integrated marketing means no one's left out.

As my clients provide their customers with excellent services and  products, first-time and occasional customers become brand disciples. Word-of-mouth advertising abounds. The company grows. And it all started with an email or call to me.

As an entrepreneur, I understand how to help each client innovate and solve problems. It's easy to let passion muddle one's personal or corporate brand. I bring clarity, balancing my enthusiasm as a self-starter with a willingness to listen to clients' input. I "hear" between the lines and answer the unasked question. My proactive approach helps me provide solutions that both surprise and delight clients.

My experience offers clients expertise in both traditional and digital marketing. Businesses without a dynamic web presence miss many opportunities. I help companies develop their corporate brand and research the market they should reach.

My experience in small business management, strategy development and planning help launch and grow companies and new products or services. To further facilitate growth, I help companies generate leads and acquisition strategies and kick off integrated marketing campaigns and develop internal leadership.




Peggy Martin, Director of Development, Nazareth College

Maya was a wonderful addition to the Institutional Advancement Team and assisted Development immensely. She is an expert in social media and was instrumental in launching our fund-raising challenge online and implementing donation texting. Our website has also vastly improved due to Maya's input. Maya provided outstanding customer service to her clients (Development) and we really enjoyed working with her.”

Douglas Gan, President & COO at Airbag Solutions LLC

“Our company has consulted with and hired Maya more than once and found her expertise and result driven ability to be well worth the cost. Her access to information and knowledge of SEO optimization has taught us how to increase our exposure on the web and ultimately help drive sales up. I would recommend her to anyone serious about their website.”

Rachel DeGuzman, Marketing and Publicity Manager, Nazareth College Arts Center

“Maya is an excellent web strategist focused on continuous improvement and problem-solving. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Kathryn Winslow, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Prometric

“I had the pleasure of working with Maya for four years at Laureate. She immediately impressed me as an extremely capable marketer who understood what was needed to improve bottom-line results. While working closely together on the implementation of many direct response campaigns, Maya was always collaborative and detail-oriented. Maya is well-respected in the organization and viewed as a subject matter expert, as well as a great person and colleague.”