Education lights my fire. It allows me to take new knowledge, apply it, and witness its effect right away. This concept seems especially true in digital marketing and small business management, where effectively executing principles learned in the classroom means results.

Applied Research

I'm a natural problem solver. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree seemed the perfect fit for me because it's an applied doctorate, geared towards solving business problems. The PhD is a theoretical doctorate, which develops theory. While interesting, it's not as practical.

I'm nearly done with my DBA with just the doctoral study left.

The following summarizes my study:

Internet marketing offers an opportunity for small business owners to successfully compete in the marketplace. It's no secret they possess small advertising budgets and limited resources. That's where Internet marketing provides a broad reach with an excellent return on investment. It levels the playing field by giving every company an equal chance to touch consumers.

Internet marketing touches many demographics:
  • As of August 2011, 78 percent of U.S. adults and 95 percent of U.S. teenagers use the Internet.
  • Ninety-two percent of adults use search engines to find information and 91 percent use email.
  • Seventy-one percent use the Internet for buying products.
  • Sixty-four percent use social networking sites.

It's clear that business thrives online. Small businesses that lack the skills to market on the Internet miss incalculable sales and partnering opportunities.



Sharing what I have learned about marketing, small business ventures and marketing management fulfills me. Rather than teaching theory, I impart my firsthand knowledge and skills relevant to the real business world. My students can immediately apply what they learn. It's exciting for me to observe students really learn by using the knowledge gained in class.

Curriculum Development


Developing curriculum involves more than just writing. It's a distillation of experience, education and research. My roles as a traditional and online student, faculty member, academic leader, and manager provide me with a unique perspective on academia. My experience helps me specialize in product development, operations, branding, start-ups, online learning and marketing. 


  • Walden University : Doctor of Business Administration
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: M.B.A., Marketing & Finance
  • State University of New York College at Geneseo: B.S., Business Administration